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Add Test Exceptions

I. Test Exceptions Overview

You may need to add test exceptions for students who need to take an online test at a different time, need extended time, or have other extenuating circumstances. The following can be created as test exceptions:
Number of attemptsTimerAvailabilityForce completion Depending on your testing policy, students who have experienced technical issues during the testing session may be provided with another attempt to re-take the test. However, as long as Force Completion was not checked for a test and the student did not run out of time, then he/she would be able to return to the test and complete it with the remaining time. For this reason, consider using a timer with or without auto-submit instead of the Force Completion setting.
II.How to Add Test Exceptions
To add test exceptions, you will need to access your deployed test in your Blackboard course and select Edit Test Options.

Scroll to the Test Availability Exceptions section of the test options, which can be fo…
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It's Trivia Time

The Winthrop Office of Online Learning (WOOL) is hosting WOOL Week 2018 on March 19-23.

In order to join us in this celebration, be sure to read your WOOL Week email in the Winthrop Daily Digest. You'll find a fact about our office and services or Blackboard and a trivia question.

Submit an answer to the question by 5pm each day by emailing One of the correct respondents will be selected for a daily giveaway that will help facilitate your use of technology.

On Friday March 23 at 1:30 p.m, we'll celebrate WOOL Week with the Office of Online Learning in 308 Tillman. We will select for one last giveaway to enhance your teaching or daily work experience from all of the week's trivia respondents.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

In this post, you will find an overview of the one of the most useful pieces of software available in the Blackboard toolkit: Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a web browser just like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, but with a few extra features designed for assessments in the modern classroom.

Respondus Lockdown Browser works with Blackboard to make exams more secure. When using the Respondus Browser to take an exam, students are unable to open other computer programs, windows or tabs in the browser, and copy, paste, or print.

This makes Respondus Lockdown Browser ideal for proctored environments, such as a computer lab or classroom, where students take the exam together and at a common time.

For fully online courses where you may never meet your students, Respondus offers an additional layer of security to help ensure academic integrity: Respondus Monitor. In addition to the features of Respondus Browser, Monitor enables a student's web…

Customizing the Course Menu

When your course is created in Blackboard, it is created with a default course menu. While this menu can be useful as is, customizing the menu can help you create more intuitive navigation for your learners.

[1] To begin, hover over one of the items on your course menu and click the drop-down arrow. Here you are able to rename, hide, or delete the link. Delete any items you don't need. Do note if you delete a content folder containing content, you will also delete that content.

[2] To reorder the course menu, hover over an item and click on the up-down arrow beside the item you want to move until. Drag and drop the item in its new location on the course menu.

(Note: If you're having issues moving items on the course menu, first try to clear your browser's cache, close the browser, and reopen Blackboard: How to clear your cache in Chrome, How to clear your cache in Firefox)

[3] You may also add a variety of items to your course menu. You may link to a content area page or f…

Updating the Course Entry Point

In Blackboard, the course entry point is the first page students see when they access your course. By default, the course entry point is set to the Home Page tool, show below.

However, it can be more helpful for both you and your students to alter the course entry point to a location or tool more useful for your course - or even for a certain time during the semester.

To change the course entry point, navigate to Teaching Style under the Customization menu.

Simply choose a new entry point from the drop down menu located halfway down the Teaching Style page. That's it!

You might choose to change this to another tool you make use of more often, such as Announcements or the Discussion Board.

Also, know this course entry point can be updated at anytime, so consider updating to to any location that may better suite the course. For example, set the entry point to a Getting Started section for the first week of class. Once students get acclimated to the course, switch it to course Announ…

New Blackboard Inline Grading with Box

If you've used Blackboard to grade student assignments, then you're likely familiar with the integrated inline grading features provided through Crocodoc. Crocodoc allowed students and instructors to view PDF and Word files directly within Blackboard and add annotations such as comments, highlights, strike outs, and drawings to the submitted assignment. However, Crocodoc displayed only a very limited number of file types.

Winthrop University has upgraded to Box as the inline grading tool. PDF and Word files are still displayed directly within Blackboard, but Box offers many more supported file types for inline viewing including picture files such as .jpeg and .png, video files such as .mp4, and sound files such as .mp3. For a full list of supported file types, please visit the following site: File Types and Fonts Supported in Box Content Preview

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the two views. The one on the left is the old Crocodoc view, and the one on the right is the …

Quick Fix: Embedded Video Playback Error

In this blog post, we will show you how to quickly resolve a common playback issue with embedded videos in your Blackboard course.

After copying your course content into your new sections for the semester, you may have noticed certain embedded videos display the error message shown below.

This issue can often be resolved in less than a minute by following these steps.

First, access the edit menu for the location where the video is embedded.

Click on the yellow video placeholder in the text box, and click the "edit embedded media" option.

On the following screen, you will see a drop down pane labelled "Type". To correct the playback issue, toggle from HTML 5 Video to Iframe, and then back to HTML5 Video.

Select "update" and submit your changes. Your video should now play correctly within the browser.

If you still have issues with video playback or have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at instructionaldesign@winthrop.ed…